x0xb0x Essential Kit


links to BOM and manual in the description below.

Power Adapter
FT-232 Install Service
There are not enough products in stock

BOM      PDF build manual     

Mouser Cart
Will be out of stock for a while - Need to find time to fab a new batch of panels should have more by early May 2021
Note: LEDs, LED resistors and wire are not included in mouser cart 
Included in the kit:
Main and I/O PCB
Main and I/O panels 
Rare Part Kit (note: there are part substitutions from original kit)
All Resistors
Firmware (SokkOS V1.9.1)
Power adapter 
FT232 soldering service is available if you do not feel comfortable with SMD soldering
USB plug, 6mhz resonator FT232 chip are included in the service.