Ornament & Crime PCB

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Ornament & Crime PCB rev. 2E

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PCB version 2E 

I asked for permission to sell PCB's and mxmxmx was kind enough to let me do it.  I portion of the sale goes to the developers for future development.


Special build issues:

This is an advanced build and is 95% SMD. This build will require a good multi meter, 40000 counts or better to get the most out of it. 

Most of the parts can be sourced on mouser but you will need to get the OLED display from ebay or aliexpress. They are cheap usually under $10usd but they all ship from china so it can take a while to get to you.


  • Teensy 3.1 / 3.2 dev board (Freescale MK20DX256 / 32-bit ARM Cortex M4).
  • 4x precision CV outputs, 16-bit (TI DAC8565).
  • output range: -3v/+6v, “in-the-loop” compensated, for proper DC accuracy (+ 9 calibration points per channel, settable in firmware); +/- 0.2mV error across a 9 octave pitch CV range is achievable.
  • 4x CV inputs, -3.5v/+6.5v, 12bit, 100k input impedance.
  • 4x trigger/gate inputs, threshold ~ 2.5v, > 100k input impedance.
  • two rotary encoders, with built-in push switches.
  • two push buttons.
  • 128 x 64 pixel 1.3” OLED display (SPI / SH1106 driver chip).
  • trigger-to-quantised-output latency < 100 microseconds.
  • 16.67kHz internal timer (CPU overclocked to 120MHz), which is also the DAC update rate. the ADC is also read at 16.67kHz but in several of the o_C “apps”, 16 values are averaged to remove noise, meaning that the effective sample rate for CV inputs is about 1 kHz. Digital (gate/trigger) inputs are read at 16.67 KHz — this ensures very low latency.
  • +/-12V power only, ca. 85mA power draw on +12V bus, < 10mA on -12V bus)