x0xb0x Kind of Rare Part kit

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x0xb0x Rare Part kit with some part substitutions from org kit.

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Due to the amount of fakes on the parts market I have started to make a few part substitutions.

If you are planning to use this kit in a RE-303 build the parts will work but the replacement that I am using will effect the sound, especially in the filter. Its not a huge change but its there. Please listen to this soundcloud clip to see the difference https://soundcloud.com/user9184875/x0xb0x-1583-test. I will be doing more tests in the next few months and may do a RE-303 build for some more testing. 

Rare Part kit includes

Qt 2 - AN6562

Qt 24 - 2sc945P Generic (2sc536F replacement) 

Qt 10- 2SA733P NEC old stock

Qt 3 - 2SC1583 replacements ( PMP4201 on adapter PCB ) info here

Qt 1 - 2SC2291 replacement (PMP4201 on adapter PCB)

Qt 2 - 2SK30A-Y (NO 2SK30A-O)

Qt 1 - LA4140

Qt 1 - BA6110 ( used pull )