Pre-Built x0xb0x

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100% built, calibrated x0xb0x no assembly required.  

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Cleaning out some space in my workshop.  I built quite a few x0xb0xes in the past and am getting ready for a move. I need to eat up my spare parts so I decided to do a quick run with my remaining parts. I will still be offering my express kits.

I have both a 120V and 230V adapter and I will ship the right one depending on where you live. 

Installed Sokkos 1.9.1 with the boot loader so you can install another os if you want to.

They are fully built calibrated and tested. 

The builds have part substitutions: 
Its using a PMP4201 as a sub for a 2SC1583 / 2SC2291. I find that its a good sub for the VCO and an ok one for the VCF. The filter is a bit cleaner then if you were using the original parts filter but still retains the character of a 303. I made a demo of the difference if you want to check it out. (see link below)

I am also using 2SC945P's which were also used in the later serials of the 303. 
Needed to also sub the 2SK30A-O for a 2SK30A-Y

All in all its still a solid clone but not perfect, I am discounting them to reflect the change in parts. Check out the sound demo bellow.