x0xb0x Essential Kit

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DIY kit with Panels, PCB, Pots, Rare Parts, CPU, Power Adapter and all resistors. 

Note: This is not a full kit.

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x0xb0x Partial Kit

Note: This is not a full kit.


Main and I/O PCB

New Style Main and I/O panels (main panel made of FR4 PCB material and I/O panel made from aluminum)

Rare Part Kit (note: there are part substitutions from original kit)


All Resistors

CPU (x0xb0x Firmware SokkOS V1.9.1)

Power adapter (120V/230V select on the drop down menu)

Mouser Cart       note:  LED's, dip sockets, headers and wire not included in the moser cart

BOM Full parts list

Build Manual PDF

New Panel Build Guide PDF