This is a list of parts you will need to buy.

Link to full Mouser Cart(doesn't contain LEDs LED resistors or wiring) 

Case and Hardware Qt Mouser Part # Description Location Note
PacTec PT-10 Case 1 616-82404-501-000 Case
7mm M3 Standoff 2 728-FM1304-3005-A Standoff
10mm M3 Standoff 2 728-FM1307-3005-A Standoff
5MM M3 Standoff 2 534-24430 Standoff
8mm M3 Standoff 1 534-24432 Standoff
Black M3 screw 14 534-9191-3 Screw
Locking Washer 18 534-4700 Washer
Fiber Washer 4 534-3368 Washer *buy 10 for discount
CD4066BE 1 595-CD4066BE Analog Switch ICs Quad IC12
SN74HC174N 1 595-SN74HC174N Flip Flops Hex IC9
SN74HC126N 1 595-SN74HC126N Buffers & Line Drivers IC1
SN74HC165N 3 595-SN74HC165N Counter Shift Registers 8-Bit IC16 IC17 IC18
SN74HC595N 5 595-SN74HC595N Counter Shift Registers 8-Bit IC4 IC5 IC6 IC7 IC8
Octocupler 4N37 1 78-4N37 Transistor Output Optocouplers IC24
CAT25320LI-G 1 698-CAT25320LI-G EEPROM (4Kx8) 32K 1.8-5.5V IC2
FT232BL 1 895-FT232BL USB Interface IC USB IC25
NCP7805TG 1 863-NCP7805TG Voltage Regulators 1A IC20
L78L06ABZ 1 511-L78L06ABZ Linear Voltage Regulators 6.0V IC21
LM336Z-5.0/NOPB 1 926-LM336Z-50/NOPB Voltage References 5.0V Ref IC22
1N4148 29 512-1N4148 Diodes - General Purpose D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7 D8 D9 D10 D25 D26 D28 D29 D30 D31 D44 D45 D46 D47 D48 D24 D27 D35 D36 D32 D33 D34 D37 *buy 100 for discount
1N4001 4 863-1N4001RLG Diodes - General Purpose D40, D41, D42, D43
AWCR-6.00MD 1 815-AWCR-6.00MD Resonators 6MHz XTAL2
AWCR-16.00MD 1 815-AWCR-16.00MD Resonators 16MHz XTAL1
Film/Ceramic Capacitor
MLCC 0.1uF (104) 16 75-1C10Z5U104M050B Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor C1 C2 C4 C6 C103 C104 C106 C107 C108 C109 C110 C111 C112 C113 C202 C204
Tantalum 1uF (105) 2 581-TAP105M035SCS Tantalum Capacitors C42 C62
2A102 3 647-QYX2A102KTP Film Capacitors 0.001uF C34 C100 C101
2A682 1 647-QYX2A682KTP Film Capacitors 0.0068uF C47
2A103 5 647-QYX1H103KTP Film Capacitors 0.01uF C10 C20 C21 C33 C46
2A183 1 667-ECQ-E2183KB Film Capacitors 0.018uF C18
2A333 5 647-QYX2A333KTP Film Capacitors 0.033uF C19 C24 C26 C36 C201
2A683 1 647-QYX2A683KTP Film Capacitors 0.068uF C45
2A104 3 647-QYX2A104KTP Film Capacitors 0.1uF C25 C27 C41
2A224 1 647-QYX2A224KTP Film Capacitors 0.22uF C35
2A473 1 647-QYX1H473KTP Film Capacitors 0.047uF C54
Electrolytic Capacitors
1uF 13 140-REA1R0M2CBK0511P Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor C11 C13 C14 C15 C17 C22 C23 C29 C38 C105 C58 C59 C56
2.2uF 1 140-REA2R2M1HBK0511P Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor C51
10uF 13 140-REA100M1HBK0511P Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor C16 C30 C31 C32 C37 C40 C50 C52 C60 C61 C72 C203 C205
47uF 4 140-REA470M1CBK0511P Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor C28 C44 C53 C55
100uF 16v 3 140-REA101M1CBK0611P Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor C48 C49 C102
100uF 25v 2 140-REA101M1EBK0611P Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor C7, C8
1000uF 10v 1 140-REA102M1ABK1012P Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor C43
2200uf 16v 2 140-REA222M1CBK1320P Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor C3, C5
Electromechanical / Trimer
Heat Sink TO-220 1 532-574502B00 Heat Sinks TO-220
1/8" Jack 2 490-MJ-3536N Phone Connectors CV GATE
USB Connector 1 154-2442-E USB Connectors B TYPE 4P USB
5pin DIN Connector 4 490-SDS-50J MIDI/DINSYNC jack DIN1 DIN2 DIN3 DIN4
Soft Touch Knob 8 450-4765 SOFT TCH D SH
Rotary Encoder Knob 2 5164-1510AH 1510AH
Tactile Switch 12mmx12mm 24 612-TL1100AF160Q Tactile Switches 12mmx12mm S5 S6 S7 S8 S9 S10 S11 S12 S13 S14 S15 S16 S17 S18 S19 S20 S21 S22 S23 S24 S25 S26 S27
Switch Bezel 24 653-B32-1610 Omron Switch Cap Black Round
Toggle Switch 1 633-B12AB ON-NONE-ON SPDT SW1
Tempo Encoder 1 774-290VAA5F201B2 Encoders 15mm Flatted 20 Detent S2
Hex Encoder 2 706-25LB22-H Grayhill Hex Encoder S3 S4
2K Trimer 1 652-3362P-1-202LF Bourns 1/4" SQ Trimer TM6
5K Trimer 1 652-3362P-1-502LF Bourns 1/4" SQ Trimer TM5
50K Trimer 1 652-3362P-1-503LF Bourns 1/4" SQ Trimer TM4
500K Trimer 1 652-3362P-1-504LF Bourns 1/4" SQ Trimer TM3
40-pin DIP socket 1 571-1-2199299-5 DIP socket IC3
16-pin DIP socket 9 DIP socket IC4, IC5, IC6, IC7, IC8, IC9, IC16, IC17, IC18
14-pin DIP socket 2 571-1-2199298-3 DIP socket IC1, IC12
8-pin DIP socket 3 571-1-2199298-2 DIP socket IC2, IC11, IC23
6-pin DIP socket 1 571-1-2199298-1 DIP socket IC24
9-pin SIP socket 1 855-D01-9972042 20pin Breakaway SIP socket IC15B*,IC15A*, IC14 *If you are using an BA662 put in IC15A
Wiring* You will need to decide how you would like to wire your x0xb0x main PCB and I/O PCB.

qt4: 3pin headers

qt1: 12pin headers

J3, J4, J5, J6
2.1mm DC power Jack 1 992-CON-SOCJ-2155 2.1mm DC PCB mounted  Power
LED (not included in the moser cart)
5mm LED 40 Genaric LED1-LED40
Led Standoffs (.14" / 3.6mm) Hight 40 534-7352 Some LEDs may require different sizes, you can aslo use the tape method - link
Led Resitors 40 1K-10K Value may vary depending on LED type and brightness R203 R204 R205 R208 R211 R213 R215 R217 R221 R222 R223 R227 R228 R229 R234 R237 R238 R239 R241 R242 R243 R244 R245 R246 R248 R249 R250 R251 R252 R253 R256 R258 R260 R261 R262 R264 R265 R266 R267 R268
Resistor Optional
200K 0.1% Optional, use for more accrate tunning 17 603-MFP-25BRD52-200K Through Hole 200K 1/4W 0.1% R74, R75, R76, R77, R78, R79, R80, R81, R82, R83, R84, R85, R86, R87, R88, R89, R90